Stephanie & Javed at Redhouse Barn

Winter weddings always have a different light and feel to them. The crisp air and early sunsets give a mood so different to the summer. This was my last wedding of the year, and I got to see some familiar faces from a previous wedding, which is always lovely. Rehouse Barn was the venue for this day, and it was a pleasure to work with such professional staff.

Grading Example with Alice & Joseph at Iscoyd Park

Just a quick demonstration of how different footage looks out of camera once it’s been graded in post production. The footage is recorded logarithmically rather than linearly, which makes it appear washed out and a little soft, but more information is retained and leads to a better end result. This is why I don’t usually let people see footage straight off the back of my camera; it takes time to get used to seeing it this way and know what it will look like later.