New Brighton

2014 BTR Wirral Half Marathon

A ninety one year old runner completes the 2014 BTR Wirral Half Marathon in New Brighton

Much respect to anyone that completed the BTR Wirral Half Marathon or 10k this Sunday, particularly the 91-year-old gentleman completing the run in the cover photo. I had the pleasure of photographing the event again and I've picked out a few of my favourites from the day to share here.

If you'd like to see more of the images and purchase prints, click through to the full gallery. Photographs from all the BTR events for the past two years are also available here.

Life's Interesting People

I like people that have a passion, people that get off their backsides and do something because they see its worth in and of itself. Whether they learn an instrument or dance salsa, take photographs or write comedy, I like people that have something to say, something to talk about. These are life's interesting people.

Demi's seventeen and she's getting off her backside. She interviews musical artists in and around Liverpool and sometimes we shoot videos of them performing. I think it's brilliant that someone so young is getting out there and getting involved.

If you want to view her work visit