Up In Smoke

These are photographs of smoke. The colour is added by heat-mapping colour to tones in post-processing. The shapes the smoke twists itself into as it reacts to the eddies in the air created by my hands is fascinating. It weighs so little that even moving towards or away from the smoke during photographing created high and low pressure that would throw the smoke all over the place. It's like putting dye into the air and watching what it does all around you invisibly all the time.

Theo & Mel's Day

Today was the wedding day of Theo and Mel, two friends from Lancashire. My good friend Tom Wright was the photographer for the day. It was great to see him continue to evolve into one of the most compelling photographers I know. We frequently Skype and discuss photography in a level of detail that would have most people asleep in minutes but we love it.

om is incredibly enthusiastic. His desire to get the best results for his clients is so strong he's often a nervous wreck until he takes his first frame. The moment he does all that anxiety releases its energy into a visible buzz. It's great to see him enjoying himself so much.

Tom was kind enough to loan me one of the lenses he'd hired for the job, a beautiful Canon 85mm f/1.2 L. Its aperture allows shooting in light that would just be out of the question with almost any other lens. Not only is it fast but its image quality is wonderful.

Tom also loaned me his Sigma 50mm f/1., which is a lens I've been looking at acquiring for a while so it was great to have a chance to test drive it at such a great occasion. For years I shot almost exclusively with a 50mm f/1.8 when I bought my first DSLR and it was great to use some prime glass again. I usually shoot with a Canon 24-105mm f/4 L IS for its exceptional image quality and versatility.

've been playing with intentional lens flare a lot recently. I love the cinematic effect it gives. With the 85mm f/1.2 it was possible to get this flare with the most modest of light sources from outside the window behind Emily. It's not an easy lens to focus in such low light but I think it's a lens I may have just begun a love affair with.

The band was brilliant. The groom, Theo and another good friend Trev were really tight and belted out a string of really well played stuff. It was a great chance to get some images of them.

I've heard legend that there exists a photo of Trev where he doesn't look good, but I'll only believe it when I see it. The man is infuriatingly photogenic. Put a sharp suit on him and stick a bass guitar in his hands and you get one seriously cool-looking guy.

Needless to say Tom absolutely nailed it today. Fantastic images that I think Theo and Mel are going to just love. I had a lot of fun and want to thank Theo and Mel for having me along. Huge congratulations and all my best wishes.