As a child my father had an old 8 mm cine camera. We have fascinating old footage of me and my brothers playing in the sand as children and talking to the camera with no sound. There's something so compelling about seeing the people you love moving about in a memory you have, right there on a screen in front of you. When I'm behind my cinema camera filming weddings, I often think of the people in the future who'll be looking back at this day through my film. It's an incredible thing that children and grandchildren will one day be able to see your wedding like this.

My film package is very simple. You receive your 1080p Full HD film on DVD and Blu-ray discs for home cinema viewing. The full length film will be hosted on a premium Vimeo account where it can be shared in HD will all your friends and family, password protected so you can choose who sees it. You will also receive a three to five minute preview like the ones you see here in advance of the final film. I cover the whole day and capture the ceremony and the speeches in full.

I hope you enjoy watching some of my work. I'd love to put your wedding on screen for you.