I run for my dad. He always told me time was my enemy and speed was my salvation.
— Chris Wills, of his father John

People love to run. Every weekend, up and down the country, there are hundreds of thousands of runners entering marathons, 10k runs and fun runs. It's huge, and it means a lot more than just exercise.

People often embrace at the finish line and tears aren't rare. It's not just the relief that the race is over. Often, people are thinking of a loved one that they have lost and for whom they are running that day. So much of the time, the sponsor on a runner's shirt is for a charity that does work that has helped them or someone they love.

I asked some runners why they run and what gets them through the tough moments, what helps them smash through 'the wall.' I have put their replies with some of my favourite images from the last few years of photographing BTR Liverpool's runs on Merseyside. Here's to the runners!

To view the rest of my running images, use the links below:

I'd like to give a special thanks to Alan and Yvonne Rothwell at BTR Liverpool. They're a pleasure to shoot for and provide a huge service to the running community on Merseyside. They're not always appreciated by the powers that be, but the runners know the work they do.