Cinematic Wedding Photography

I’m often asked what my style is.

Simply put, I seek to create cinematic images of the day you married the love of your life. I consider being hired as a commission to create an artistic document of that day’s events and emotions that can evoke the memories of the day for years to come.

I always meet my clients beforehand and get to know them a little and it is always me that will photograph your day personally. I recce each venue if it is possible to do so and make sure I have what I need to be prepared for the day. When the day comes around, it’s as big an occasion to me as it is to you.

Wedding days are full of drama and emotion. They are days when people show each other how much they love one another, laugh and cry together, and create memories. That’s special and it makes photographing such times a privilege.

I value my work by quality not quantity. I want to come home from a day’s shooting excited to see how certain photographs I remember taking that day turned out on a big screen. I know the pleasure of seeing a superb image spread across two pages of a 12” album and those are the images I live for because those are the ones that end up on my clients’ walls.

My style isn’t defined by a ‘look’ or a filter, more by the sense of drama and scale I try to get into my photographs. I design my albums myself and source local craftsmen who have the same standards as I do to make them. My services start at 899 for a full day's coverage and album.

Thank you for considering me to photograph your day.

– James

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